Blossom Street Ventures (formerly DAN Fund) is a venture capital firm in Dallas.  We focus on mid-stage venture opportunities which we define as companies with $50,000 to $500,000 of revenue per month and attractive year over year growth (70%+). We're generalists and can invest in a variety of business, from those with recurring revenue models to services companies and CPG.  We'll look at traditional priced rounds but can do inside rounds and restructurings/down rounds as well.  

We'll invest anywhere in the US or Canada, especially in markets most VC overlook like the Midwest, South, and Canada.  We prefer leading Series A/B rounds and can also help fill out or oversubscribe a larger round.  We're currently investing out of our 3rd fund and our check size per opportunity is $600,000+. Our capital is fully committed, decisions are made by the Board, and we can close and fund a deal in as little as 4 weeks.    

We love cold emails from entrepreneurs so feel free to reach out any time to sammy@blossomstreetventures.com.  Portfolio companies are as follows below.

Our companies
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