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$273mm in median revenue, 27% growth, $0.54 of new revenue per $1 of S&M spend

Let the sales team travel, pay well, and ONBOARD!

Public SaaS companies generate 23% of revenue from non-recurring sources

Strive for generating $0.55+ of new recurring revenue for each dollar of Sales & Marketing spend

So make sure you're properly commissioning your CS team and AE's

Good SaaS companies have net retention of 110%+.  Contact is the key.  

Stop trying to rip off the customer, and instead justify the price

and other wisdom from a book called Hire Right, Higher Profits

Once you're bigger and profitable, then you can branch out into other features

Key metrics behind those bookings are also critical

The punchline: net retention needs to be 100%+

but don't fire the sales rep doing 3x

Key excerpts from a great book about selling to the enterprise.

This is a book review of a phenomenal book called Sales Reps are Free.

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