The anti-VC

We focus on companies with monthly revenue of $150k+ and year over year growth of 50%+.  We value founders that are cash efficient, scrappy, and pragmatic.  We'll invest anywhere in the US or Canada, especially in markets most VC overlook.  We prefer leading $1mm to $5mm Series A/B rounds but can also follow. We structure plain-vanillla preferred stock or high yield senior debt. We can do traditional growth rounds, inside rounds, management recapitalizations, and restructurings.  

We're currently investing out of our 5th fund and our check size per opportunity is $1mm to $2mm. We're a true blind pool fund with fully committed capital and we can close and fund a deal in as little as 4 weeks.  Our portfolio is diverse and includes HR software, app tech, parking, sales/marketing software, apps, greeting cards, dating, e-commerce, and healthcare software.      Portfolio companies are below.  

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