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the median is $275k

VC raised only $135bln but deployed $238bln

15% is the median and 21% is the average

only 16 of 97 IPO's had one

all you need is 1 paragraph

VC Deployed: $215bln. VC Raised: $129bln since Q3 2014

Interviews of founders from their early days

Covenants force realistic projections

76 out of 93 public tech companies don't have a strategic

The good ones help you for free

VC raised $42bln in 2016, a 10 year record

It's not worth the equity you have to give up

In one word: transparency

The Series A is the hardest round to raise, and notes/SAFE's only make it harder

At IPO, 27 tech companies raised on median 4.4 years of burn

Of the 47 IPO's we looked at, median CEO ownership was 8.1% and average was 13.8%

The median is 59% for VC and 7.6% for CEOs.

It's not if you get sued, it's how efficiently you make the suit go away

The decision arguably saved PayPal

There's only one Elon Musk, and you're not him

It may impact valuation, but it won't impact total capital deployed by VC

What the docs say and what can realistically be done are two different things

Meaning visit a lot of dealerships and don't let them rush you

You won't get a big valuation bump, but it's fast money

Interview the VC as much as they interview you

Frankly, this is why we focus on Series A, not seed deals

Investors are not mushrooms: do not keep them in the dark and feed them shit

Key excerpts about startups, VC, and the craziness that was the dot com bubble

Vinod Khosla was right

Capital to grow is great, but know that it comes with strings.  

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