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revenue multiples are 6.91x on median

IRR of 123 tech co's since IPO is 17%

They haven't been this high since before 2008

Median revenue multiple is 6.80x

Analysis of 43 public SaaS companies

Also median raise is $2mm, growth is 100%, and burn is -$57k

~10x ARR has been a consistent trend over the past 3 quarters

Series A companies with median MRR of $70k are asking for 9.6x ARR

Cash efficiency and margins matter for valuation

At 4.94x, Q1 2016 showed big improvement from last quarter

SF was immune from the re-pricing, but maybe not anymore

Startups are getting less aggressive on the ask

because you never know what someone will pay.

Say no to an acquirer, and they likely won't come back

The title says it all.

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