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Consistent growth yoy is jsut as critical

Holding steady at 4.5x TTM revenue

Avg deal size is also down to $118mm from $156mm

4.6x is the median SaaS revenue multiple, but 6x+ happens 29% of the time

$50k retainer with 5% placement fee is the norm

44% of the most succesful tech co's are in CA

Advice from an investment banker on selling out

Revenue multiples are at 6x, growth is at 26%, and margin is -7%

206 transactions in Q1 with median revenue multiple of 4.2x

vertically-focused public SaaS was trading at 6.8x revenue compared to 3.8x for horizontal SaaS 

of 92 public companies, the median founder ownership at IPO was 11%

Median is 11%.  Average is 17%.

Lots of cash, low debt, strong cash flow

And build a product, not just a technology, to prevent an acqui-hire

Public Markets punish underperformance; the average annual return of 24 poorly performing tech co's is -21% 

The median CEO ownership at IPO is 7.6%

Insights from guys who do M&A everyday  

It's one of the most important hires you'll ever make

The acquirer is not your friend, remember that

Get close to potential buyers early, and they'll pay you for it

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