Chart of the week - SaaS trends

We recently reviewed Software Equity Group’s 2018 Annual Report on the SaaS market.  SEG is a fantastic investment bank that has represented our portfolio companies before and also puts out great research.  Below are some of the take-aways we found most interesting from the report. 


-40/20/20 is the golden ratio.  Spend as a percent of revenue for sales & marketing, R&D, and G&A should be 40%, 20%, and 20% respectively.  The ‘40/20/20 rule’ is a general guideline and applies primarily to larger publicly traded SaaS/software companies, but as you can see the chart below shows the ratio has been relatively consistent since 2013.



-Now is a good time to sell.  Valuations in SaaS continue to be elevated, with a median enterprise value/revenue multiple of 6.7x at year end.  This is the highest revenue multiple since 2013.  Note the top quartile had median EV/revenue of 10.7x while the bottom quartile had a median of 3.3x. 



-Growth at all costs is not optimal.  Those companies posting growth of 30% to 40% year over year had better valuations than those posting growth of 40%+ because the latter group had weaker EBITDA margins.    



-SaaS should be your revenue model. Recurring annual revenue models (SaaS) are far more valuable than one-time license fee or on-premise software models whereby the customer pays for a perpetual license once.  Median SaaS multiples were 4.4x versus only 2.0x for license fee/on-premise.



The entire report is 92 pages and well worth the read.  

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