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How to Create a Market Where None Exists

Recently one of our companies had a sales consultant do an audit of its sales team and methodology. Our portfolio company’s market has some interesting traits: i) the market is greenfield and almost all homegrown; ii) ‘no decision’ is the company’s primary competitor; and iii) the market as it stands is currently small, with large enterprises being the target customers. The…
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You won’t be profitable at exit

Venture backed companies like Uber, WeWork, and Spotify, are unprofitable. Is this the norm or just a trend for the more recent vintage of high flying companies? To answer that question, we took a look at the operating income and free cash flow of 92 tech companies at the time they went public going as…
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Life in an accelerator: part 1

A good friend of mine named Joe Shiraz is taking his company, ServiceBot, through an accelerator based in Memphis called Launch Delta. Launch Delta was created by Start Co in partnership with ServiceMaster, one of the largest home services companies in the nation. Launch Delta is focused on home services startup, Joe’s company ServiceBot is…
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M&A advice from an investment banker

One of our portfolio companies is exploring a sale, so we’re talking to investment bankers. Below are some of the interesting insights from those conversations: You’re not the only one who wants to exit. One banker stated “Google sees upwards of 2,500 companies a year they could potentially acquire.” Another mentioned “Adobe receives dozens of companies…
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First to market is overrated

We talk to a lot of companies that have an unhealthy focus with being the first to market. There is a belief that if you’re not the first and biggest in a market right away, you won’t be successful. We hear too many companies say things like “this market is a land grab” or “we’re…
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