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Our Approach

We are the anti-VC: we invest in venture deals but we’re not traditional venture capitalists. We like SaaS, marketplaces, eCommerce, and other tech spaces, but will also invest in low and no-tech opportunities that scale. We move fast. We get to a quick “no” in a few days or a firm commitment in three to four weeks. We can invest in a traditional growth round, but also look at inside rounds, down rounds, re-caps and special situations. We’ve got portfolio companies on the coasts, but love overlooked geographies like the midwest and the south – Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and Kansas City are a few places we’ve had success. We value transparent communication and you’ll always know where you stand with us.

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BSV vs. Traditional VC

We call ourselves The Anti-VC. And for good reason. Take a look at how we’re different, through and through.

Blossom Street Ventures

Typical VC

  • Time to a firm commitment

    3 to 4 weeks


  • Time to a “no”

    3 to 4 days


  • Deal type

    High growth & special situations

    High growth only

  • Sourcing

    You must find contact through network

  • Investment Structure

    Plain vanilla preferred stock

    Favors the investor

  • Board Structure

    Founder controlled

    Investor controlled

  • Geography

    US and Canada

    SF, NYC, Boston

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Our 4-Week Process

If you want to explore partnering with us, this is how the next few weeks will look:

Week 1

Founders supply the data. We’ll deliver a term sheet if you need us to lead, or agree to follow another lead.

Week 2

We go to our board for initial approval. This meeting is the hardest.

Week 3

After a green light from the board, we come out to meet the founders, employees, and spend time getting to know the business at your office.

Week 4

We have a final board meeting at which we make a full commitment. The second meeting is simply to supplement and confirm findings and thesis from the first meeting. Out of 15+ final meetings, we’ve only lost one deal in the final meeting.

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Deal Structures

We invest $1mm per opportunity, generally as plain-vanilla preferred stock that follows National Venture Capital Association guidelines and best practices. Our deals are structured differently: You won’t see redemption rights, dividends, participating preferred, claw-backs and other gotcha’s. The three or five member board we move forward with is always founder controlled. A typical board format is two founders, two investors, and one independent. Overall, we pride ourselves on founder-friendly, transparent term sheets which also streamline the legal process.

If you’re a founder in need of funds, let’s talk.

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