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Our Approach

We like SaaS, marketplaces, and consumer subscription. We move fast. We get to a quick “no” in a few days or a firm commitment in 2 to 4 weeks. We do traditional growth rounds and special situations like leading/filling inside rounds, extensions, supplementing debt facilities with equity, small rounds in big companies, restructurings, and fast rounds. We’ve got portfolio companies all over the US and UK. We'll invest anywhere in the 1st world. Email our Managing Partner any time:

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BSV vs. Traditional VC

We're The People's VC, and for good reason.

Blossom Street Ventures

Typical VC

  • Time to a firm commitment

    2 to 4 weeks


  • Time to a “no”

    3 to 4 days


  • Deal type

    High growth & special situations

    High growth only

  • Sourcing

    You must find contact through network

  • Investment Structure

    Plain vanilla preferred stock

    Favors the investor

  • Board Structure

    Founder controlled

    Investor controlled

  • Geography

    US, UK, Canada, AUS, EU

    SF, NYC, Boston

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Our Process

Week 1

We deliver a term sheet, or follow another lead.

Week 2

We go to our board for initial approval. This meeting is the hardest.

Week 3

We meet the broader team and finish any confirmatory diligence.

Week 4

After confirmatory diligence, we call a final meeting and commit.

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Deal Structures

We invest in plain-vanilla preferred stock that follows National Venture Capital Association guidelines. You won’t see redemption rights, claw-backs, re-vesting, and other gotcha’s. We do not do investor controlled boards. Our term sheets are founder-friendly, flexible, and transparent which also allow us to close quickly.