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We look for founders who are cash efficient, scrappy, and pragmatic. We invest in SaaS companies with ARR of $3mm to $30mm. We can lead or follow. We'll do traditional growth rounds and 'special situations' like inside rounds, small rounds, rushed rounds, corralling investors with our term sheet, extensions, and cap table clean up. We can commit in 3 weeks and our check is $1mm to $4mm. We'll invest anywhere in the first world. We welcome hearing from founders directly and don't require a warm intro. Email our Managing Partner at

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Founder ‘paydays’ at exit

When a startup founder shepherds his company to a successful exit (IPO), what are the paydays like? We dove into major tech IPO’s since 2018 to find out. Note that paydays aren’t necessarily what the founders took home at the IPO (shares are usually subject to a 6 month lockup), rather they’re what the founder…
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1 in 3 founders wont be CEO at exit

When you finally exit or IPO, will you be the CEO or will someone else be running the company? It’s a great question so we dug into 191 tech IPO’s to figure it out. Specifically, we looked at the CEO at the time of IPO/exit and compared it to the list of key founders to…
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SaaS R&D spend levels and metrics

We looked at the R&D spend of SaaS companies at IPO and in years prior to answer the question ‘what is the right level of spend on R&D’. The data is below.     SaaS spend is consistently a quarter of revenue. Leading up to the IPO, SaaS companies spent on median 24% of revenue…
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Bad advice from good investors

Below are some of the things investors say to early stage companies that are just wrong. “Don’t take the first offer you get.” While true, this is a very misleading statement to make to a crowd of early stage founders. It’s wrong to make early stage founders believe they will get all kinds of offers…
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