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We look for founders who are cash efficient, scrappy, and pragmatic. We focus on companies with $3mm to $30mm of run-rate revenue, with year over year growth of 20% to 100%+ depending on revenue. We'll invest anywhere in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and broader Europe. We prefer to lead, but also follow. Our check is $1mm to $4mm. We like traditional growth rounds as well as leading or filling inside rounds, extensions, supplementing debt facilities with equity, small rounds in big companies, overlooked sectors, and fast rounds. Unlike other VC, we like hearing from founders directly. Email our Managing Partner at

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Average Contract Value data in SaaS

Average Contract Value is (“ACV”) is a vanity metric that is a byproduct of your business model, not a driver of it. It shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. Here is why: The world’s biggest and best software companies tend to have smaller ACV’s. Below is a data set of 73 publicly traded SaaS companies…
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Learnings from Docusign’s long road

You probably won’t be a success from day 1. Most founders struggle and may even come close to failure (more than once). The good news: there are plenty of examples of companies that had setbacks along the way, but were still a great success. Docusign is one such success story. Docusign went public in 2018…
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B2C Tech Multiples - it’s bedlam

Below are revenue multiples for publicly traded consumer tech companies (B2C). Industries and therefore multiples vary widely. Commentary is below. If you’re looking for data on SaaS multiples, keep scrolling. Social media is at an all-time low of 4.6x. Multiples rose steadily through 2020 peaking at 22.7x on median in Q1 2021. YOY growth in…
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LTV, CAC, and payback in B2C

The most important metrics for B2C companies are payback period, customer acquisition cost or “CAC”, and life time-value or “LTV”. Payback measures the speed at which you payback customer acquisition costs, CAC is the cost of acquiring the customer, while LTV estimates the profits of the customer over their life with you. We found a…
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