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We're not unicorn hunters and don't believe in high burn, uneconomic models that reach for market share. We look for solid businesses built by founders who are cash efficient, scrappy, and pragmatic. We focus on companies with $2mm to $20mm of run-rate revenue and year over year growth of 50%+. We'll invest anywhere in the US or Canada, and can look at international opportunities. We prefer leading $1mm to $10mm Series A or B rounds, but can also follow. We like plain-vanilla preferred stock in traditional growth rounds, inside rounds, recaps, secondaries, and restructurings. Unlike other VC, we like hearing from founders directly; email our Managing Partner any time at

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Our portfolio is diverse and includes software, e-commerce, and marketplaces.

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Metrics from 99 SaaS exits, distilled

We looked at the equity raised of 99 SaaS companies that have gone public; according to that data, it takes $133mm of equity to get to a big exit (IPO). All data was pulled from s-1’s, which is a securities filing made before going public. The data as well as a few observations are below….
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It’s expensive to be ‘big tech’

It’s easier than ever to start a tech business, but harder than ever to be the biggest. It’s also expensive. We did an analysis looking at the amount of capital raised by 147 tech companies prior to going public. These are some of the biggest players in their respective industries. Observations are below. Being big…
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VC ownership at exit

How much of your company will VC own at the time you exit? We looked at the level of VC ownership of 129 tech companies at the time they went public to answer that question. The median and average level of VC ownership at exit was 52% and 51% respectively. By the time of exit,…
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You dont need strategic investors

Strategic investors, defined as corporations that make venture investments, can be a valuable source of capital but are they critical? No. We dug through the filings of 129 tech companies and found that only 24 of them had a strategic investor.   Some industries have more prevalence of strategic investment than others. For instance, 5…
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