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We look for founders who are cash efficient, scrappy, and pragmatic. We invest in SaaS companies with ARR of $3mm to $30mm. We can lead or follow. We'll do traditional growth rounds and 'special situations' like inside rounds, small rounds, rushed rounds, corralling investors with our term sheet, extensions, and cap table clean up. We can commit in 3 weeks and our check is $1mm to $4mm. We'll invest anywhere in the first world. We welcome hearing from founders directly and don't require a warm intro. Email our Managing Partner at

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SaaS Learnings from Gitlab’s Q3

We’re review quarterly filings of successful SaaS businesses to understand what makes them successful. Below are observations from Gitlab’s Q3 report and earnings call which took place Monday (NASDAQ: GTLB). Much of it is verbatim. What they do. GitLab is The One DevOps Platform, a single application that brings together development, security, operations, IT, and…
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Enterprise sales trends in SaaS

Bridge Group is a sales consulting organization focusing on B2B SaaS exclusively. We hold them in very high regard and consider Bridge to be the source for all things enterprise sales. They do strategic assessments, write playbooks, and can also do management training and coaching. We did a Q&A with Kyle Smith at Bridge (…
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Non-recurring revenue in SaaS

While the value of any SaaS business is derived from recurring revenue (ARR), do not forsake non-recurring revenue streams. If you do, you’re ignoring free financing and a way to make the product stickier. Below is non-recurring data at the time of IPO for the last 73 SaaS companies. 27 out of the 73 broke…
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characteristics of SMB SaaS success – Weave

What does a successful SaaS business look like? Weave is an example (NYSE: WEAV). We dug through WEAV’s latest quarterly filing and below are some of the structural and business practices that make them valuable. What they do. Founded in 2011, Weave is a leading all-in-one customer communications and engagement software platform for small and…
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