The best VC by IPO count

Last week, we published blogs showing the average ownership of tech founders and VC at the time of IPO. The dataset included 160 tech IPO’s going back years. We dug further into the data to see who the actual VC were that invested in these incredibly successful companies; there are clearly certain investors that appear over and over again. Below is the list of VC as well as a few observations.


The top 10 are serious brand names. They include Sequoia, Benchmark, Bessemer, Accel, and Insight. The list of the top 10 is highlighted in yellow.

The top 4 are way ahead of everyone else. Sequoia, Benchmark, Bessemer, and Accel are comfortably in the teens of IPOs. Sequoia is about to be at 20 IPO’s.

Where are you Softbank? For all their investments at absurd valuations, Softbank has 5 IPOs to show for it. Nonetheless, they’re on the list.

The data includes 56 VC in total. Partner with one of them, and you’ll at least be with an investor who has gone all the way to the promised land.

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