The best VC in SaaS

Who are the most successful VC in SaaS? To answer that question, we looked at the past 71 SaaS IPOs (going back 3 years to MongoDB) and who their major investors were. The list is below and includes 46 major investors.

The best. Not surprisingly, Accel, Sequoia, ICONIQ, Insight, and Tiger top the list.

3 to 4 IPO’s. 12 venture firms have 4 or 4 IPO’s including Bessemer, August, and Battery. All 12 firms are household names, not surprisingly.

Lots of 2’s. 29 of the 46 investors have 1 or 2 IPO’s.

There were others with 1 each, but we stopped with our current list as we’re really looking for those firms with multiple SaaS IPO’s. Surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly, Softbank only has 1 IPO.

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