Account executive and SDR compensation data

If you’re hiring AE’s and SDR’s for your SaaS co, puts out very nice data on average compensation for these roles. Below we summarize the latest data.

AE’s. The average AE is pulling $167k all-in. The comp was made up with $84k salary, $76k commission, and $8k of signing bonus and combined. The 95th percentile of AE’s make $292k all in and the 75th percentile make ~$205k. Less experienced AE’s with 0 to 2 years of experience will make slightly over $100k all-in, while the most experienced are typically at the top of the range. End market also matters as those reps selling to SMB’s make far less than those selling to enterprise. 54% of AE’s hit quota.

SDR’s. The average SDR is making $82k all-in broken up as $53k salary, $24k commission, and $5k signing and stock. The 95th percentile make $125k, and account size and tenure have far less impact on overall comp. 58% of all SDR’s hit quota to achieve that commission.

Account Manager. The average Account Manager makes $151k, composed of $80k salary, $63k commission, and $7k stock and signing. The 95th percentile doubles that comp at $291k.

Big thanks to CompGauge for this data. Reach out Richard Zimmerman directly to learn more about their data or visit

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