Some Tier 1 VC are Hurting

Who are the most successful VC in SaaS? When we originally wrote this post last year, we thought it was the VC listed below which are shown in order of the number of SaaS IPO’s they have had going back to 2017. The list includes 46 major investors and at the top are Accel, Sequoia, ICONIQ, Insight, and Tiger. However, the list may not be relevant anymore as the latest news on Tiger is quite bad. They’re actively selling off their portfolio according to



There is a shift happening in venture, whereby some of the brand names likes Tiger and Softbank are suffering from years of overpaying for overhyped tech companies. It’s no longer enough to expect that a “tier 1” VC is still tier 1. We’ll see how the market evolves, but the landscape is dramatically different than it was in 2021 and in venture at least, winter is here.

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